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Catskills Drone Photography and Videography

Aerial photo of a small rural village in the Catskills

So here's my story...

I'm a semi-retired Web developer and IT geek with a lifelong passion for aviation and photography.

I've been taking pictures since I was nine years old, and have been involved in aviation in some capacity or another since the 1970's. I presently hold FAA certificates as both a Remote Pilot ("commercial drone pilot") and an Aircraft Mechanic.

At some point in my old age, it occurred to me that I could combine my lifelong interests in photography and aviation by buying a drone and using it for aerial photography and videography.

So that's what I did. I started taking aerial stock photos, mainly of landscapes and sites of historic interest. You can view some of my aerial stock photographs here.

It also occurred to me that making money doing something I was doing for fun anyway seemed to have no down side. So I bought a professional-quality drone, earned an FAA license to fly it commercially, took out an aviation insurance policy, and built this site.

Aerial Imaging Services

I provide aerial photography and/or videography services throughout New York's Catskill Mountain Region, including the counties of Delaware, Otsego, Schoharie, Greene, Ulster, and Sullivan. Other areas are also possible. The specific aerial imaging services I provide include:

I also accept other types of assignments, as well as take aerial stock photos of New York's Southern Tier. You can browse through my SkyStock Portfolio if you're just looking for some pictures of the Catskills and Hudson Valley regions. I also have a personal drone site that you can visit here if you're just interested in drones in general.

For more information, please contact me. I'm a one-man show, so please understand that it may be a few hours (rarely longer than that) before I get back to you. Thanks!